Reading the Bible in modern times

I am amazed by the ease at which we, as modern Christians can have access to the Bible. These days anyone with a smartphone can download an app and have the Bible on their phone. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I love reading the Bible from a physical book, and think that the feeling of theContinue reading “Reading the Bible in modern times”

Detoxifying green morning smoothie

These days I need a pick me up in the morning to help me focus for the day ahead. This is a delicious green smoothie and it is great for your skin. Prepare the ingredients and blend it together with a high powered blender. I use a Cuisinart blender. Recipe ingredients: – Handful of babyContinue reading “Detoxifying green morning smoothie”

Couple satisfaction in partners of pilots – what did I find?

I recently finished my Masters dissertation titled Couple satisfaction in female partners of male shift working pilots. As some of you might know I am married to my best friend who is a pilot and I am proud to call myself a pilot wife. For my Master’s thesis I decided to study pilot wives and partners specifically and what impact their husband/ partner’s working schedule has on her couple satisfaction.

My experience of completing my Masters degree

I have to say that I am so excited that I am officially done with my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Saint Joseph, Macau. It has been a long road full of new challenges and lessons learnt. The first year was tough. I was comingContinue reading “My experience of completing my Masters degree”

Quick Grounding Technique for Panic Attacks

During these uncertain times that we are experiencing due to the Covid-19 Pandemic a lot of people, including myself are experiencing anxiety to some degree. This is totally normal given the circumstances. Some people experience more anxiety than others and with increased anxiety there is the possibility of having a panic attack. Panic attacks areContinue reading “Quick Grounding Technique for Panic Attacks”

5 Steps I took to improve my mental health

It can be lonely and scary to have a mental illness.  When I was first diagnosed, I felt ashamed and unsure of how to proceed.  Over the years, I have had ups and downs, and today’s post is all about how I picked myself up when bipolar disorder was beating me down. 1 – TherapyContinue reading “5 Steps I took to improve my mental health”

Mental health resources

Today’s post is about seven leading mental health resources that I find helpful for support, research and information. 1 – The international bipolar foundation They have two sections on the website. For those with bipolar disorder they have a free e-book available as well as free webinars, helpful blogs, a YouTube question and answer seriesContinue reading “Mental health resources”

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

If you think you or a loved one might have bipolar disorder, you have come to the right place.  This post is all about the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder has three different types, namely bipolar 1 disorder, bipolar 2 disorder and cyclothymic disorder.  Let’s look at the differences below (Source: American Psychiatric Association)Continue reading “What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?”