About Andri


Hi there! My name is Andri and I am the author of Mental Mosaic. I wanted to share a bit of my personal history.

I am a South African expat living in Macau, SAR (China). I was born in South Africa.  I grew up and never moved anywhere till I moved to Macau, so it was a major move and shift in thinking for me as we are a very close family and I really love spending time with them. I am married to a strong, loving and kind man.  We decided to move to Macau to further his career in the aviation industry after praying about it a lot.  We are Christians and believe that God has a purpose for us in Macau.

I studied Psychology at UNISA and finished my degree and honors degree there.  I am currently busy with a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Saint Joseph Macau.

The goal of this site is to spread hope and knowledge. The site is called mental mosaic because, even though we have broken pieces, we can be put together to create a beautiful mosaic.

I am passionate about educating others on mental health and I feel that I have a unique perspective because I have Bipolar 1 disorder. I was diagnosed in 2011 at 24 years of age. I decided to start the Mental Mosaic site to share my stories and add resources, insights and coping skills to add to everyone’s understanding of mental health and Bipolar disorder.


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