Reading the Bible in modern times

I am amazed by the ease at which we, as modern Christians can have access to the Bible. These days anyone with a smartphone can download an app and have the Bible on their phone.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I love reading the Bible from a physical book, and think that the feeling of the paper under my fingers is great and being able to escape from technology for my quiet time with God is amazing.

However, if you don’t have an actual Bible, the ways to read the Bible from your phone is nothing short of awesome. I use the You Version Bible App. It is a free app and there are many languages to choose from when reading the Bible, so you can even read the Bible in your native language. The app can be downloaded here.

In the app there are many different sections and I can tell you a bit about each of them here.

Plans – I use the plans section regularly and there are topics for each phase of your life, from being a new parent, to how to deal with retirement. I am currently reading three plans, one goes through the whole Bible, and then one focussed on marriage and one for the Christmas season that I read along with our church.

Read – The read section is where you can find the Bible and at the top you can choose your language and version you prefer.

Search – In the search section you can search by topic or verses for all your questions.

Home – The home section has a verse of the day, area for prayer lists, your friends who are also using the Bible app, and a daily story from the You version team.

Published by Andri

My name is Andri and I am passionate about creating awareness, encouraging others and sharing techniques and coping strategies for various mental health issues.

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